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"We don't have to travel far for the best hot sauce in Ontario!"

Colin S., Wasaga Beach, ON

Jacqui, Duntroon, ON

"Doc has mastered the flavour in his hot amazing!"

Terry W., Wasaga Beach, ON

"Flavour packed and has some heat to back it up.... Yum-real!! Love it and want more!"

Kim, Toronto, ON

"Every week we love that there's a new creation for us to try. The quality of the ingredients shine through with incredible flavour, rather than just heat!"

Mike M., Stayner, ON

"I have tried many different hot sauces and have never been so drawn to one specific brand....I am now hooked!"
“With a sauce for everyone you cant go wrong! You'll be happy drowning your favourite foods in your new favourite hot sauce.”

Ryan P., Wasaga Beach, ON



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